Friday, 29 October 2010

The Climb:Tanzania has begun

After months of training and fundraising, our 4 very brave mums Anna Koska, Nicoletta Iacobacci, Clare Beale and Catherine English have set off on their journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in aid of SafePoint Trust!

Our 4 mums are, in fact, the first all-mothers women group to ascent Mount Kilimanjaro along the particular route they are taking.

The purpose of The Climb:Tanzania is to raise enough funds in order to donate a substantial number of auto disable syringes to Tanzania. Auto disable syringes cannot be reused, so their implementation within Tanzania's healthcare system will drastically reduce the number of deaths from HIV and other blood-borne diseases that currently result from reused syringes.

As well as climbing up the mountain, they will be visiting schools, orphanages and hospitals in Tanzania to educate children, nurses and teachers in safe and sterile injection practice.

Here is a summary of comments made during the preparation stage of The Climb:

Anna Koska - 27 Oct 2010:
Kit check
Body check
Head check
Then we are off.
Please sponsor us if you haven't already. Even the smallest amount will make the hugest difference! And will give us a boost when the going gets tougher at 5000 m. We are very honored to be raising these funds for safepoint to buy these syringes. It will make the difference for the Tanzania! Xxx

Marc Koska - 27 Oct 2010:
Anna, Nicoletta, Clare and Catherine - Good luck on behalf of all at SafePoint Trust UK and all your supporters, and well done for raising the money that you have raised so far, that will be put towards the Auto Disable syringes that will be donated to Tanzania.

Kiliwarrior Expeditions - 27 Oct 2010:
Kiliwarrior Expeditions Today Anna, Nicoletta, Clare and Catherine had their gear inspection and climb briefing. Tomorrow...Kilimanjaro! The guides will be Faraja and Gideon who is taking Hosea's place. Hosea is getting married in a few weeks!

Anna Koska - 26 Oct 2010:
Just to keep you posted. We are in Arusha preparing for our ascent. We've found out that we are the first all mothers womens group to attempt the western breach. Usually they take the women up the shorter less physically demanding route. So that's pretty cool. All for now xxx

Kiliwarrior Expeditions - 26 Oct 2010:
The next trek with Anna, Nicoletta, Clare and Catherine is a charity climb for SafePoint, a UK based charity, established in 2006 by Marc Koska OBE (Anna, Marc's wife is climbing). The purpose of their trek is to raise awareness and funds to donate much needed AD (Auto Disable) syringes to Tanzania. Please read more on... this important, life saving mission here:

J-A M-R - 24 Oct 2010:
Good Luck to u and all will be thinking of you. Will enjoy the updates. Look forward to hearing all about the trip. So proud of You. Xxxx

Anna Koska - 24 Oct 2010:
Training has at last come to an end.. and I think I'm ready for Kili!

Anna Koska - 23 Oct 2010:
Our good friends at Cocoa Loco have sent us a REAL mountain of chocolate to get us through those highs and lows and regulate our blood sugar (you know how girls are!) during our ascent up that 5892 metre hill. What priceless comfort! Lots of thanks to Rory and Sarah! XXX

Anna Koska - 20 Oct 2010:
Some facts about me: I'm very excited.
I'm extremely fortunate to have a wonderful bevvy of strong happy souls to climb with. I'm honoured to be doing it for Safepoint. I strongly suspect that I will want to climb a bigger one next.

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