Friday, 29 October 2010

The Climb:Tanzania - Day 2

Carol Schoeman, Kiliwarrior Expeditions: Oct. 29
I just received a text from one of the mountain guides as follows:

"Anna's phone is broken. No signal for Clare until Sunday. Please let Clare and Anna's husband know this!"

It sounds like Clare's phone is working but will not get a strong cell signal until Sunday when they are at Sheffield Camp. Texting from Moir Hut camp tomorrow (Sat) is always really tough because cell service is very spotty to nothing at that camp typically. Coverage is much better at Sheffield Camp where they will be on Sunday for 2 days/2 nights to acclimatize!

Kiliwarrior Expeditions Mountain Report: Oct. 29
Update - the trekkers are doing very well and happy! They are almost to Shira Camp (11,520 ft). and had some sunshine today! Today's trek was almost 5 miles.

Kiliwarrior Expeditions Mountain Report: Oct. 29
Everyone on the mountain is doing great and leaving Forest Camp this morning for the long trek to Shira Camp! The weather is cloudy with a little rain!

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