Thursday, 24 June 2010

TV News Report on The Climb Tanzania 2010 - today!

Clare Beale, Catherine English, Ginny Simpson and Anna Koska

Meridian ITV recently filmed the 4 girls in their lovely icebreaker outfits, warming up and training on the Ashdown Forest in preparation for their fund-raising trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. Marc and the girls were also interviewed.

The report is expected to be broadcast during today's lunchtime news, 1.30-2.00pm, and again in the evening news, 10.00-10.35pm. [It actually aired on Saturday 10th July]. It's on terrestrial channel 3 if you are in the Meridian region (south east). If you have Sky but are in another part of the UK, you can still get Meridian - it's a little bit fiddly but here are the instructions.

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