Sunday, 20 December 2009

Marc Koska spreads the word in the US

Marc Koska of Star Syringe, Ltd, Winner of 2008 Tech Award, Health

Marc has just returned from an extremely successful trip to the USA, where he was honoured to be invited to three key events:
  • a Know How Talk at the IDEO Cafe, hosted by Dennis Boyle, IDEO senior partner. IDEO is the world renowned Global Design Consultancy based in Palo Alto, CA. Marc's talk was entitled 'Shameless' (how you have to be, to change something in this world). Discussions after the talk focused on his efforts to save lives through syringe design and his charity SafePoint.
  • The Tech Awards Gala as a past Laureate; Marc was invited to host a live link sponsored by Polycom, between the newest member of the SafePoint team, Kate Thorman, in India, and Fabio Rosa, a Canadian former fellow Laureate..

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