Friday, 9 July 2010

A Chocolate Bar Named After Marc Koska

Milk Chocolate Indian Summer - the Koska Bar

For every Koska Bar sold, Cocoaloco
will donate 50p to SafePoint!

(Excerpted from

"SafePoint are a charity who work predominately in the developing world to educate and promote safe injections. A problem not widely recognised in the UK, unsafe injections from reused syringes and needles are responsible for the death of a child every twenty four seconds, with over twenty three million avoidable infections every year, according to World Health Organisation figures.

As part of their work, SafePoint make dedicated short films for countries or cultural regions that spark reaction, inform and change behaviour. These films are shown on TV and at cinemas to raise awareness and their latest film is supported by the past President Dr Kalam for nationwide distribution, as part of an intensive safe injection campaign in India.

Like many things, it shouldn't happen but it does

Having recently heard Marc Koska, the founder of SafePoint, talking about the horrific reality of the problem of unsafe injections across the world, we felt moved to action.

To help support SafePoint and help raise awareness we have launched a brand new organic and Fairtrade chocolate bar.

To give it its full title, the organic Milk Chocolate Indian Summer - The Koska Bar, is influenced by SafePoint's work, with a balanced blend of spices in a smooth milk chocolate, invoking tastes of India.

For every bar sold we will donate fifty pence to Safepoint and we will be supporting them moving forward, so watch this space for further news."

You can buy the Koska Bar here - price: £4.99

Latest News:

Cocoaloco are now starting to supply the National Trust gift shops in the SE and the Koska Bar will be available at:
  • Morden Hall
  • Nymans Gardens
  • Petworth House
  • Chartwell

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